Do You Have an Emergency Fund?

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When money is tight, people seek out fast borrowing options like Major Cash. when there is a case of a financial emergency, and if you don’t have an emergency fund , we are able to help get you the cash you would like quickly.  We’re not encouraging you to skip creating an emergency and savings fund, but we are here once you need us.

Access Your Savings

Obviously this isn’t ideal, as you were probably saving for something else. Whether it’s retirement, that dream trip, a brand new house, regardless of the case. However accessing your savings isn’t an option once you are during a bind.

Can You Borrow From Family?

This is definitely the ideal scenario as your family will hopefully not be charging you interest on the borrowed money. They also likely will have a more loose repayment plan for you which can help depending on where you’re going to stand financially afterwards. the most important thing here is ensuring your loved one and you are on a similar page. You don’t want to cause family drama over borrowed money or have it affect important relationships in your life.

Be Prepared

Obviously unexpected expenses are unexpected because you likely didn’t plan or think about them. They creep up on you! However, there are some ways to be preventative in a number of the most important areas that unexpected expenses seem to crop up. Here are some examples and tips:

Health Emergencies

We obviously all hope that we just won’t get sick, however, that’s not always reality. Obviously investing in your health is one thing here, cut out smoking, drinking an excessive amount of, eating junk food, and ensure you’re exercising, etc. to maintain your body in tip top shape. You’ll also want to avoid serious medical problems by catching them early. which means you need to make appointments for consistent check-ups, even though you feel completely fine! Last but not least, don’t go without insurance! Extended health insurance can really help you when you’re in a bind. Don’t be oblivious and just think “I’m healthy, nothing will happen to me” and have them for you and your family.

Don’t Forget About the Pets!

Just like humans, pets can cost a large amount too. many folks also don’t think taking out in insurance for their animals too, so these bills may be heftier than your own. Investing in a monthly pet insurance won’t cover you for everything, but it’ll help cover you for a few of the common problems with pets and help cut those vet bills.

Automobile Repairs

Flat tires, and breakdowns happen. one of the largest ways to avoid major repairs on your car is driving less. Seems simple right? Get on your two feet and walk more, take transit, hop in a taxi, bike. search for ways to use your car less. people who drive a lot each day are those that are likely about to need maintenance earlier than later. Another key thing to do here is simply like regular check-ups at your doctor, confirm you keep up with maintenance on your car like getting your oil changed.

What About Home Repairs?

This can really hit you hard. Your basement floods, your roof needs replacing, your furnace stops working in the dead of winter, maintenance on your home can seem never ending, and it all comes with a big cost. For starters, make sure the insurance you have got for your home covers most of the most important things that could happen unexpectedly. Example: If you’re in a neighborhood that has a tendency to flood, or get heavy rain, be certain you’re covered for flood damage! Another thing is to stay up together with your maintenance on your house, don’t put things off until they’re completely broken, replace them as they’re beginning to be on their last legs, or need replacing.

Planning for the unexpected isn’t always easy. You don’t know what might be coming for you and your family. That’s why it’s unexpected! However, the one thing you’ll do is mitigate your risk the maximum amount as possible and make sure you are prepared for when and if it does happen. Hopefully these pointers assist you get on the proper foot!